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Esri UK supplies the ArcGIS Platform. ArcGIS is a fully integrated suite of enterprise GIS software. The ArcGIS platform allows GIS applications to be deployed on desktops, servers, mobile devices, on the web and in the cloud. Developer and scripting tools allow users to customise the platform to deliver specific teaching or research needs.

Key Facts


  • Around 95% discount from commercial prices for Esri ArcGIS software
  • Access to software across campus and at home (within the UK and Ireland).

    ArcGIS can be taken overseas for short periods on request; details can be found below.
  • Use of the software for administrative purposes (exceptions for particular products)
  • Eduserv Esri UK Steering Group which acts as a liaison between the academic community and Esri UK

Important Dates

Agreement start date:  1 August 2014

Agreement end date: 31 July 2017

Subsequent invoice date: 1 May

Eligible Institutions

Higher and Further Education Institutions in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland; some Associated Sites (by agreement with Esri UK) in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Background Information

Eduserv and Esri UK have had a Chest Agreement in place since 1992. This new Chest Agreement runs from 1 August 2014 until 31 July 2017.

Product Information

Supplier Details

Owner: Esri Inc.     Supplier: Esri UK

Product Description

The products included in the Site Licence Options A, B or C are listed in this document What’s included in Site Licences.

Institutions may purchase Additional Product(s) either in addition to, or instead of, Site License options A, B or C - these are listed in this document - Additional Products

For complete product descriptions, please visit the Esri UK website.

Chest Agreement Site Licence Options:

To help understand the Options available under the Chest Agreement, a number of institutions have shared their purchasing decisions below. These include descriptions of Options A, B and C and additional products.

Option A:

University of York

"Although there is no Geography Department at The University of York, GI Science is taught as an applied skill in several science and humanity departments and is applied in research in many more, including both social and medical sciences. We have well over a thousand active users of ArcGIS in any one year. ArcGIS is managed using a central licence server and is deployed to all classrooms and available to all staff users on demand.

The University of York has chosen an Option A ArcGIS Licence because of the facilities offered by ArcGIS Server. ArcGIS Server is used against the University's Corporate Oracle licence, with Oracle used as the integration layer between GIS and other analysis tools, in particular for traditional statistical analysis of non-spatial attributes. ArcGIS Server is employed to facilitate the delivery of mapping and map-related products over the web and in support of research employing public participatory methods (PPGIS).

We use the Data Interoperability extension, as we find ourselves collaborating with other workers within and without academia worldwide and the underlying product, Safe Software's FME, provides an excellent data interchange tool, whatever package our external colleagues are using."

University of Ulster

"The University of Ulster utilises GIS for teaching and research across a number of Faculties. The usage has grown considerably over the past few years and it is for this reason that the University is investing in a number of Options available under the Chest Agreement. We will be using Option A extensively throughout both teaching and research and this will be managed by faculty IT.

Cranfield University

"Cranfield University subscribe to Option A of the Esri Chest Agreement. The licence underpins our research and postgraduate teaching activities within the geographic information subject area.

ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE are used primarily in our MSc Geographical Information Management course and within research degrees and research projects. Server provides a valuable resource when teaching the use of spatial data on the internet by allowing for development of web based mapping and analysis applications. ArcSDE and desktop products play a crucial role in the understanding of spatial data management by providing the framework to structure and manage spatial data and metadata. The software links directly with non-spatial data stored in systems such as Oracle, PostgreSQL and Microsoft Access.

Desktop products are used in a wide range of our Masters’ programmes, from Land Management to Offshore and Ocean Technology, providing foundation knowledge of GIS to a range of student groups, allowing them to develop their skills within specific group and individual thesis projects. The Esri products in Option A allow students and research staff to undertake advanced spatial analysis, GIS customisation, and visualisation both on the desktop and via the web."

Option B:

University of Leeds

"We license Option 2 of the Chest/Esri UK agreement as we have a large GIS user base across many disciplines who wish to use the software in its most functional mode. The fact that the software can be used both on campus and at home means that researchers can be flexible in how they work and that taught students can complete their assignments at home and in the field.

The unlimited Premium Virtual Campus Annual User Licence is useful for supplementing onsite training - there are currently over 50 courses available. The ProductivitySuite and Data Interoperability extensions are particularly useful for anyone working with Ordnance Survey data."


After licensing one of the Options through the Chest Agreement, the Technical or Deputy Technical Contact can download the latest version of ProductivitySuite from the Esri UK website.


"ProductivitySuite is an extremely useful tool for getting data into ArcGIS quickly and easily.

Of particular importance is its ability to import and convert OS MasterMap® data for use in ArcGIS. The Digimap Service supplies OS MasterMap data (both Topography Layer and Integrated Transport Layer (ITN)) as compressed Geography Markup Language (GML). ProductivitySuite will take this compressed GML data (as .gz files) and convert it into File, Personal or ArcSDE Geodatabases ready for use in ArcGIS.

The OS MasterMap Data Converter in ProductivitySuite manages importing multiple files in one go and will also handle Change Only Updates that can be used to update a users data holding with the latest data. Productivity Suite also comes with a range of Layer files and Style files that can be used to set up the representation and symbology of the imported OS MasterMap data to enable it to be used for different purposes.

If you are working with ITN data, ProductivitySuite contains tools to process the data and create a Network Dataset ready for route-finding and network analysis using the information embedded in the data such as one-way streets and no entries.

As well as being able to handle OS MasterMap data, ProductivitySuite can also convert other Ordnance Survey data that is supplied in NTF format from the Digimap Service using the NTF Converter tool which can be more convenient than the alternative formats available and in some cases contains more information."

Pricing and Ordering


There are a number of product options and pricing, including: site licences, 31 seat licences, and products from Esri UK.

The prices for products available under the site licence options A, B and C are listed on the Site Licence. For the list of additional products download the following PDF document:

Members of the Eduserv / Esri Steering Group have provided helpful testimonials on how they decided what product options were best for their institution.  For details, please read the commentary under the Product Information tab.

Payment Terms

Institutions may submit Orders to Eduserv at any time but will be bound by the Terms and Conditions, including payments, of any Licence until 31 July 2017.

For initial purchases, payment will be due on receipt of a correctly completed Licence Schedule 4 Part 1 and Product Order Form to cover the period from the Licence start date to the following 31 July.

Pro-rata pricing is available on a monthly basis.

For each subsequent year until 31 July 2017, invoices will be raised on 1 May (three months in advance of the anniversary of the Agreement Start Date). The final payment will be invoiced on 1 May 2016 to cover the period 1 August 2016 to 31 July 2017. Please note that because of the requirement for Eduserv to invoice three months in advance of the anniversary date two payments may initially be due in one academic accounting year.

Agreement Period

Start Date: 1 August 2014       End Date: 31 July 2017

Commitment Period

Institutions are committed until 31 July 2017 with the exception of EDN and ArcGIS Online options which are licensed on an annual basis only.

How to Order

Completing the Esri Education Site License Agreement and the Product Order Forms confirms that the Licence Terms and Conditions will be adhered to. Please ensure that you read the Licence Terms and Conditions before ordering (please download the documents from the Licence Information tab). 

To order for the first time under the 2014 Agreement please download and complete, scan to pdf and send the following documents:

To order additional products after your first order, please download, complete and scan to pdf and send the following document:

To: Eduserv Help


Licence Information

Licence Type

Please read all of the following documents before ordering any products under the Esri UK Chest Agreement. Institutions licensing Esri software via the Chest Agreement are bound by all of the Terms and Conditions contained in all of the following documents:

Termination Clauses

At the end of the period of Agreement (31 July 2017), unless a new Agreement is negotiated between Eduserv and Esri UK, sites will be required to delete the software from their systems and return media to Esri UK.  

Location and Use Permissions

Administration and Management of the Business of the Institution
Use of the software is allowed for administration and management of the business of the Institution with some important exceptions.  Administrative and management use is strictly prohibited for the products listed below when purchased as part of a site license or Teaching and Research Lab Pak/Kit:

  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcPad
  • ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension
  • ArcGIS Server Data Interoperability extension

Licenses to enable administrative use with these products can be purchased from the ‘Additional Product’ list.

Commercial Use Prohibited
The commercial exploitation (including exploitation by commercial training) of the software is prohibited. Licenses for Commercial use can be purchased directly from Esri UK. 

Paid for Research Prohibited
Under the Chest Agreement, sites are not allowed to use the software for paid for research.  For example, paid for research includes when a student/researcher is sponsored by a company to complete research and the company then owns the research for use in their commercial business. This is not allowed. If, however, a student/researcher is sponsored by a company to complete their PhD/project but the student owns the outcome then this is allowed.

Overseas Use By Request

The Chest Agreement licence only allows use of the software within the United Kingdom and Ireland. Students, Researchers and Staff from institutions can request to take the software overseas for a short period of time. This would be most likely to conduct some fieldwork or attend a conference. Please complete the online overseas use request form to request permission.

If the person requesting overseas use is going to be based overseas for a significant amount of time then this will not be allowed. A request to purchase software from the local Esri distributor will need to be made. For more information please contact

Personal Licences

Sites must inform teaching and research staff and registered students allowed to download the Esri software on their personal computers that such use is not allowed outside of the UK or the Republic of Ireland and that the use of Esri software is subject to the Licence Terms and Conditions (please see documents under "Licence Type" heading above).

Single User Licence

Single Use licensing should not be used for personal computers at Version 10.x. The license manager for ArcGIS version 10.x has the capability to lend / borrow licenses and set a borrowed license expiry date.

If required ArcGIS Desktop 10.x Student Edition One Year Timeout Educational Evaluations are available to site license Options A and B through the Chest Agreement. The person requesting these must be one of the two named Technical Chest contacts. Students can install these on personal computers. Sites can request up to 20 licences at any one time. Esri UK ask that sites record the contact details of students who take these licences and return to Esri UK by email to

Option A or Option B licence holders should order by completing the form below and sending to

One Year Student Licence Order Form

Service and Support

Supplier Web Address

Esri UK

Frequently Asked Questions can be found by visiting the Esri UK FAQ.

Technical Support

Esri UK will provide second line telephone advice and support to the nominated Technical Contact and/or the Deputy Technical Contact during normal business hours.

Phone:01296 745 555


Support is provided in accordance with the:

To change the Technical Contact or Deputy Techincal Contact (the persons who are permitted to access Esri UK support) please complete and return to Eduserv Help the following form:

Method of Delivery of Product

Version 10

For version 10.x onward of the software, Esri will authorise Licensed Institutions to download the Esri Software licensed under this Agreement from the Esri Customer Care Portal. Delivery of updates or new versions of the Esri Software (version 10 or higher) will be made on the same manner. If requested, Esri UK can provide backup media for an additional fee.

Esri UK Product

Crime Analyst can be downloaded from Esri UK’s Specialised Applications page. Instructions will be provided by email when a site becomes licensed.

Locator Hub will be delivered by DVD.


ProductivitySuite can be downloaded by the Technical or Deputy Technical Contact from Esri UK ProductivitySuite Download page: Click on 'Download ProductivitySuite and/or service packs', complete the form, and submit. Esri UK will then e-mail instructions to you, for downloading and licensing ProductivitySuite.

Personal Licences

If a student or member of staff needs to use the desktop software on a personal computer they can do so via two methods:

  1. Borrow a concurrent licence. This is the preferred approach as the institution has greater control over their licenses.
  2. Request an ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 Student Edition One Year Timeout Educational licence. This option is only available to sites on Options A or B of the Chest agreement .

Borrowing a concurrent licence

When managing borrowed licences, it is necessary to set a time limit to ensure the university polices for the security and use of the software are adhered to as they are obliged to do under the terms of the agreement. For example a Masters student may have a three month research project to complete before they leave the institution. In this example the student should not be provided with a license that runs beyond the time they are a registered student.

A license manager can only be set to share license for one defined period e.g. one year, six months or three months. To enable the legal borrowing of licenses, the University may need to run two (or more) separate ArcGIS License Managers on different servers e.g. one for 12 months, one for 6 months and one for 3 months.

After the defined time limit expires the license will check itself back in whether the machine is connected to the network or not.

Supported software versions and platforms

Details regarding version numbers and supported platforms vary depending on product(s). Full information on Products can be accessed from the Esri website.

Training and Training Materials

Esri UK offers a variety of training courses for their products. Full details of all Esri UK training courses can be found on the Esri UK website or for courses in Ireland, the Esri Ireland website. Subject to availability of delegate places Chest sites will receive a discount of 50% on Esri UK Traditional Classroom GIS Training and a discount of 30% on Supplier’s Instructor-Led Virtual GIS Training based on the current course fee as advertised on the Esri UK website. To apply to attend these courses please contact the Esri UK Training Department.

Training course bookings can be made online via the Esri UK training website. To ensure that the correct discount is applied the word 'CHEST' should be entered into the promotional code field within the online booking form.

To discuss your training requirements with the Esri UK team please contact:

Esri UK delivers public courses at a number of different venues including: Aylesbury, Edinburgh, London, Dublin and Belfast. Details of these locations are available on the Esri UK website. Many courses can be delivered on-site. Price can vary and includes the trainer’s travel and accommodation expenses. There may be an additional charge for any further course preparation / customisation. Arrangements for these on-site courses are made directly with the Esri UK Training Department on 01296 745500 or email There is no discount available for on-site courses.

Training Materials

Use of the training materials provided by Esri UK is governed by the Esri UK’s Training Terms and Conditions.

Virtual Campus Training

Options A, B and C include unlimited Premium Virtual Campus Annual User licence on the condition that the Annual Fee has been paid. The Virtual Campus AUL gives access to all asynchronous, self-study Virtual Campus courses. These are primarily technology courses that teach Esri Software.

Each organisation must designate an Annual User Licence Administrator. The administrator will need to fill out the Annual User Licence Activation Form.

Once this online form is received, the account will be verified. Upon verification, a "master code" will be sent to the Virtual Campus AUL Administrator. That code will act as a password to the Institution's subscription page where the administrator can generate individual course access codes for Institution's students.

Sites licensing other options are eligible for a 40% discount off the commercial list price for the Premium Virtual Campus Annual User Licence. This discount may not be combined with any other discount offer.

Commercial Training

The commercial exploitation (including exploitation by commercial training) of any Product is prohibited.

Esri International User Conference and Education User Conference

Esri UK will provide one complimentary registration to every licensed Institution participating in options A-C of the Chest Agreement to the annual Esri Education User Conference (EdUC) and the Esri International User Conference (UC) that takes place in the United States during the period of the Agreement provided such site is current on payment of any applicable fee. Delegates should register online at, and select the complimentary option. This provides access to the main conference and education conference only and does not provide for attendance at seminars where extra charges apply or other activities, nor does it cover delegate travel and subsistence.


For a trial copy of the software, please contact

Product Documentation

Copying extracts from online documentation for inclusion in internal, non-commercial training material is permitted provided a copyright attribution acknowledgement statement appears in the training material as indicated below:

For Esri Products, (i.e. Copyright © <insert year(s) from Documentation> Esri. All rights reserved. Reproduced by permission.)

Use of graphical user interfaces and screen captures is for educational and research publications only, and is not permitted for external training or commercial purposes.

For screen capture of Esri Products, include the following attribution statement where the graphical user interfaces and screen captures appear: "Esri software graphical user interfaces are the intellectual property of Esri and are reproduced herein by permission. All rights reserved."

For screen capture of Esri UK Products (AnalystSuite, Locator Hub, and Productivity Suite), include the following attribution statement where the graphical user interfaces and screen captures appear: "Copyright [insert the actual copyright date(s) from the source materials] ESRI (UK) Ltd and its third party licensors. All rights reserved."

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