• Looking for a secure cloud public sector specialist?

    Organisations such as Bristol City Council, Citizens Advice and the Department for Education choose our cloud services for their critical data and applications.

  • Not-for-profit IT - what does that mean?

    Eduserv is a different kind of IT provider. Our primary concern isn't creating profit for shareholders. It's providing extraordinary value and results for our customers.

  • A safe pair of hands

    Whether it's building engaging websites, hosting critical applications or providing identity and access management services, we're committed to helping you deliver better services.



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A different kind of IT provider

Data Centre

We’ve been working successfully with the government, education, charity and healthcare sectors for many years. As a not-for-profit, we’re uniquely positioned to understand the challenges that can affect these organisations. We combine agility, true customer focus and scale - find out more about what we offer.



  • OpenAthens MD training: Bath

    OpenAthens MD training: Bath 14 Apr 2015

    OpenAthens MD training in the beautiful city of Bath. This is a full day course on the MD interface for new administrators.

  • OpenAthens LA training: Bath

    OpenAthens LA training: Bath 15 Apr 2015

    OpenAthens LA training in the world heritage city of Bath. Come and learn how to use our local authentication offering in the city of Nash, Loach & Selassie.

  • Charity Comms Digital Transformation

    21 May 2015

    The web has changed the rules of business and organisations need to adapt or risk being left behind. You only have to look at the newspaper or music industries to see what happens when organisations don’t respond fast enough – they fail in favour of post-digital start-ups that can better meet consumer expectations.


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  • Get the mindset for tackling technical debt

    Get the mindset for tackling technical debt

    In my last couple of blog posts I've looked at what technical debt is, and how to audit for it. Now I will look at how to tackle the issue. If technical debt is an issue in your organisation you need to have the right mindset to tackle it now and stop it occurring in futu...



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