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Andy Powell: welcome and introduction


2012 is being spoken about as the year of big data. Andy hopes that this event doesn’t fall into the ‘hype’ that’s being seen in the industry.

He hopes today will be different

What do we mean by Big Data? We’ve taken as the starting point Ed Dumbill’s piece from O’Reilly Radar. Andy thinks it’s one of the best definitions.

Bid Data refers not only to the data itself, but how you analyse that data, anlaytics and so on. There tends to be a focus on ‘data’ in education and government. There’s potential confusion with the Open Data agenda, particularly in government space.

Other way of thinking about Big Data are the tools that are being used – Hadoop, MongoDB – but it’s important to not focus solely on technology but big picture.

Emerging role of big data scientist – an interesting trend.

Why is Eduserv interested? We’ve been working on cloud services, particularly our Education Cloud and we’re interested in talking to people who want to use that cloud service for their big data services and applications. We also think it’s a great topic and always try to focus our symposia on topics that are of interest to the communities we serve.


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