Implementing Office 365 is about more than just bringing Exchange to the cloud, it also provides a suite of online collaboration and productivity tools that can really change the way your organisation works. As an example, the communications apps provided such as Teams, Skype and Yammer can enable your staff to communicate and collaborate in a new way, opening up the possibility of allowing better cooperation whilst remote working.

Eduserv’s Office 365 services can help you with the planning and adoption of Office 365, and manage it once adopted.

Office 365 Design

As every organisation is different, the migration starts by getting an understanding of your challenges and the problems you are trying to solve. During this stage, we will get feedback from key stakeholders within your business across multiple areas, gather the business aims of the migration and assess the existing infrastructure. This will all be gathered together to create a migration plan, which forms the basis for the controlled implementation of Office 365.

Typically, the first thing to be migrated will be the Exchange server, followed by your storage. However this plan will also look at how you can use the various other tools available to help you meet your business objectives.


Office 365 Migration

After getting a full understanding of your business and planning the migration, the implementation can start. The method of implementation depends on the number of users in your organisation:

  • Cut-over – For fewer than 150 users, the migration of all users will happen at once.
  • Hybrid – For more than 150 users, the migration will happen in manageable batches over time.

Eduserv has experience in using both migration paths, all of which follow Microsoft’s standard guidance.

We will work with you throughout the migration, keeping you updated with progress and providing you with a weekly report covering progress issues risks and mitigation actions.

Following the migration of the core services to Office 365, a system and service integration may be required. During this process we will work to integrate Office 365 with other cloud and non-cloud software and applications as needed.

Office 365 Management

Our Managed Office 365 service will help you take advantage of the benefits of Office 365 without having to directly manage the environment yourself.

  • Day to day admin
  • Technical support
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monitoring of subscribers
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement

Cloud Application Development

Once you are in the Office 365 environment. It is time to really start making the most of the technologies available. With Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, we can develop apps that improve processes, empower your staff, increase operational efficiency and improve your services.


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