Is your organisation ready for cloud?

Our cloud adoption assessment helps you to discover whether your organisation is ready for public cloud. It highlights which areas need work prior to adoption, along with the likely costs of implementation. Several clients use the assessments to gain buy-in and investment from senior stakeholders. It’s a powerful way of supporting a thorough business case.

The assessment will:

“Eduserv have given us a clear and reassuring view of where we are now, what we can adopt, how to do it and the kind of savings we can expect through a move to cloud infrastructure."

Paul Brewer, Director for Digital & Resources, Adur & Worthing Councils

Give you a definitive answer about whether you are ready for the cloud

The assessment will look at all areas of your business from culture, existing ICT infrastructure, budget, risk and more. Providing you with a final decision about whether you're ready for the cloud.

Provide a comprehensive report about which areas need work

You will receive green, amber or red ratings for each areas of your business. Red indicates the areas that need substantial work before the move, amber requires some work, and green means the area is ready for the cloud!

Help you understand the timescales and cost benefit of moving to the cloud.

The assessment reviews your organisation's readiness for cloud in the following areas:

1. Cultural Readiness

Is your project truly understood by the right C-level executives?

The terms ‘cloud’ and ‘digital’ are widely used but have varying connotations for different people. Do the benefits of your project align neatly with the council’s priorities?

2. Needs Assessment

Demonstrate the advantages of migration to key stakeholders and link their objectives to specific aspects of cloud. In addition, identify which services could yield significant early savings and would be considered ’quick wins’

3. Technical Readiness

A thorough assessment of your ICT infrastructure allows costs to be forecasted at a business service level. Understand your application estate, identify legacy applications, incompatibilities and any vendor constraints/restrictions on cloud.

4. Budgetary Readiness

Transformational projects are investments. To gain buy-in there first needs to be a clear understanding on the necessity for investing.

5. Resourcing Readiness

Do you have the resources to go it alone or are you planning to budget for additional expertise?

6. Management of Risk

Are all key stakeholders able to explain their attitude to managing cloud-related risk? How does your organisation approach risk in general?


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