Migrating to the cloud can feel like stepping off a precipice into the great unknown. You’re simultaneously considering costs, likely savings, security, timescales, resourcing and technology. To guarantee a stable transition, you need an experienced partner that focuses entirely on your specific circumstances, rather than their own bank balance.

As a not-for-profit, we share your ambition to save money, while also improving the quality of service delivery. You’ll receive industry-leading impartial advice designed around your own exacting needs.

Our partners

Azure and AWS 

Whether you’re looking to refresh your ageing IT infrastructure, free up real estate or rationalise your digital services, Eduserv will help you to move forward with absolute confidence.

Cloud adoption assessments

A fixed-price Cloud Adoption Assessment will equip you with a decisive set of facts relating to your current scenario, the costs of migration and your projected savings. We’ll give you recommendations on appropriate technologies, mitigating risk and migration timescales.

Based on this intelligence, we’ll work alongside you to formulate a realistic strategy, including a solid architecture and a logical roadmap.

Benefits of cloud adoption

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Migration partners

Large scale migrations are multidimensional and your circumstances are likely to be entirely specific to your own organisation. For example, you might be looking to retain specific elements of your local infrastructure, such as an exchange server, while migrating everything else.

We’ve helped some of the UK’s largest public and third sector organisations to complete demanding transitions and we’ll work closely with your own internal teams to reduce risk and remove friction.

Multi-cloud management

To maintain operational continuity you need an agnostic partner with a broad array of capabilities. Eduserv’s knowledge spans several technologies, including Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

AWS and Azure provide a suite of products that enable you to rapidly deploy new applications and scale quickly when needed. Our Managed AWS and Managed Azure services will maintain your efficiency, while also delivering superior high-grade security.

Eduserv’s work with us will allow us to put forward an invest-to-save business case to the Members of the council which will enable the final stage of the Council’s migration to cloud infrastructure.

Paul Brewer, Director for Digital and Resources at Adur and Worthing Councils

Featured work

Bristol City Council

Moving Bristol City Council’s website to AWS to improve resilience and scalability.

Aylesbury Vale District Council

Helping Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) to refine its digital vision.

Adur and Worthing Councils

Helping Adur and Worthing Councils to assess the realities of migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud.

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