Most organisations that migrate to public cloud don’t take anything like full advantage of their new environment, principally because they struggle to develop the skills required to do so, and therefore risk being left behind.

Public cloud is so much more than a like-for-like replacement for on-premise compute and storage. In addition to giving you new options in terms of speed, cost, agility and global reach, it can open up entirely new technologies and provide the flexible core infrastructure to deliver the digital services that customers and employees need and expect.

To truly realise the potential of public cloud, organisations need to do two things particularly well -  they need to understand and optimise their own architecture, and they need to keep pace with changes being offered on their chosen platform. Eduserv’s management, optimisation and review services can help you with both of these - and because our approach is to work closely with our clients, we make sure we transfer skills and knowledge at every step of the way.

Architectural Review

For customers who are already using public cloud, we can undertake a Public Cloud Architectural Review, assessing both your currently deployed resources as well as your operational resilience, policies and practices.

As part of this activity, we will make recommendations for possible optimisation, cost control measures, performance enhancements, security improvements and service resilience. It is always important to us that we deliver this advice in a way that means our clients can choose to take forward the recommendations independently. However, we can also work with you to implement the improvements.

Public Cloud Radar

Azure and AWS offer a wide, and rapidly evolving, range of services and functionality. Whilst this suite of evolving services is a clear benefit of choosing public cloud, it also provides a challenge to both keep up and recognise which of them can be best applied to solving your organisation’s particular challenges.

Our Public Cloud Radar monitors service-related news from Microsoft and AWS on your behalf. The experienced Eduserv team provides an individually tailored summary of key announcements on a monthly basis and proactively suggests new features or services that we think will be of most interest to you.

By using our team of sector-leading experts to understand your challenges and business objectives, and making these our own, we provide a service that is both specifically tailored to your needs and committed to building knowledge and, ultimately, digital independence, for your organisation.

Cloud Design & Deployment

Our cloud design and deployment service analyses your business, technical and service requirements, helping you to design services that run effectively in the cloud. This includes redesigning existing services that currently run on-premise and/or creating new services that will be developed specifically for a public cloud environment. We deploy services using 'infrastructure as code' approaches, enabling rapid and reliable re-deployments and streamlining the management of your cloud infrastructure.



Managed Azure/AWS

Whether you are using Azure, AWS or a hybrid solution, our Managed Azure/AWS service helps you to get the best from the vast range of available resources.

To ensure that you only experience the benefits of technology and the best possible service from your chosen digital platforms we:

  • monitor technology change announcements from Microsoft/AWS
  • optimise your cloud service to get the best out of Azure
  • Track your spending patterns and help you reduce costs
  • routinely check that your systems conform to security and best-practice guidance.

Access to expert technical advice is available on basic, standard and premium tariffs. All support options include basic instrumentation, pro active fault monitoring, sizing recommendations, configuration, cost control and security.

Managed Office 365

Office 365 provides a suite of flexible and familiar tools for collaboration across teams, devices, and platforms. The Eduserv Managed Office 365 service has been designed for organisations who wish to take advantage of the benefits offered by Office 365 without the need to directly manage the environment themselves.

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