We understand that migrating to the cloud can feel like stepping off a precipice into the great unknown. You’re simultaneously considering costs, likely savings, security, timescales, resourcing, technology, skills and the wider organisational impact.

Our proven approach to cloud migration and management ensures you have support every step of the way. From an initial conversation about what cloud is and advice on the kind of things it could help you achieve, through discovery, design and delivery to ongoing support, we will provide you with as much or as little help as you need.

Cloud Adoption Assessment

The Cloud Adoption Assessment service assesses your IT services and business objectives against the benefits, costs and risks of moving to the cloud.

The assessment will give an indication of readiness, help you identify potential barriers and suggest how they might be overcome. It will also outline a migration plan and development roadmap and help you to build your business case for a move to public cloud.

When it comes to building a business case for cloud, have you considered?

  • Cultural readiness
  • Needs assessment
  • Technical readiness
  • Budgetary readiness
  • Resourcing readiness

Cloud Strategy & Roadmap

Every move to public cloud is unique and requires an in-depth understanding of the existing infrastructure and business needs in order to design and build an environment that delivers the intended benefits. Because Eduserv is a not-for-profit, with a team of cause-driven talent who are commited to doing the right thing, we do the job that needs to be done.

Working together, we will draft a Cloud Strategy and Roadmap that assesses your IT estate and operating model before setting out a strategy for public cloud adoption.
These reports help you to:

  • define the best solution
  • express the costs and benefits in detail
  • ascertain the skills required
  • minimise risk and make informed choices.

Cloud Design & Deployment

Once the roadmap is in place it is time to design the solution. Our cloud design and deployment service analyses your business, technical and service requirements, helping you to design services that run effectively in the cloud. This includes redesigning existing services that currently run on-premise and/or creating new services that will be developed specifically for a public cloud environment. We deploy services using 'infrastructure as code' approaches, enabling rapid and reliable re-deployments and streamlining the management of your cloud infrastructure.


Cloud Migration

We apply our standard migration process tailored to meet your particular requirements. This ensures the migration is controlled, that all parties know what will happen, when it will happen and what is expected of them. Our migration process and tools flag any issues during migration and check migrated data against the source for consistency. We have a plan for each migration that identifies risks and mitigating actions as well as a roll back plan for what to do in the event of an issue.
Quality assurance is a fundamental part of our work and is incorporated at various points. As well as our own internal peer review of all deployments, we also facilitate independent Azure reviews of our designs and migrations. It is our aim that, by working closely with your teams throughout the project, your staff will also quickly come to understand, and be able to assess, the quality of deployments with us.

Managed Azure/AWS

Whether you have chosen Azure, AWS or a hybrid solution, our Managed Azure/AWS service helps you to get the best from the vast range of available resources.

To ensure that you only experience the benefits of technology and the best possible service from your chosen digital platforms we:

  • monitor technology change announcements from Microsoft and AWS
  • optimise your cloud service to get the best out of Azure/AWS
  • track your spending patterns and help you reduce costs
  • routinely check that your systems conform to security and best-practice guidance.

Access to expert technical advice is available on basic, standard and premium tariffs. All support options include basic instrumentation, pro active fault monitoring, sizing recommendations, configuration, cost control and security.

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