In every organisation, processes exist to solve problems and make things happen. Some involve external stakeholders and others are restricted to staff members. Some processes are very common and can be improved by buying an off the shelf piece of software, like accounting or client management, but others are unique or unusual and need a different approach.

Take the example of a charity who need to collect and distribute large pieces of furniture. They have volunteer delivery drivers working different days, multiple vehicles and a wide range of delivery and collection locations. All this information is managed with a spreadsheet and local knowledge, so when ‘Bob’ is off sick the ‘system’ falls apart because others don’t understand it, or someone accidentally changes one of the cells in the spreadsheet and breaks it. Consequences are wide spread and are felt quickly. By designing and implementing a digital solution, not only are these issues avoided, but data can be interconnected in such a way to enable automation and make the system ‘intelligent’.

With leading experts, sector knowledge and the latest tools, we are here to help solve problems like this. We apply our experience and expertise to improve efficiency, reduce waste and free up resources for public good organisations to focus on their core objectives of serving society.



Our discovery service investigates and qualifies the case for Digital Service redesign and redevelopment. It looks at the user experience and technology used to deliver one or more digital service, flags any risks and compliance issues, and makes recommendations for next steps in redesigning the service.  This service provides a minimum viable discovery as the first phase of an Agile Service Design. The service gives you a solid foundation for your digital service resign and redevelopment at a known cost to the business.

It takes a closer look at the current user experience, pain points and technology around a particular function in your organisation, as well as considering skills and culture risks relating to potential change. The assessment also looks for opportunities to optimise, to automate and to integrate with other systems.




Digital design starts and finishes with the user: What do they need or want to achieve by using a service? Underpinning this is also an understanding of the business objectives that you are looking to address by changing the way a service is delivered or by developing a new service.

Our team of user experience designers, developers, engineers and project managers offers Bespoke Solution Development. Using proven UX tools from places like IDEO and Stanford, cutting edge cloud-native applications and agile management methodologies, our team works closely with you to create services that truly solve user problems.

By working as part of your team, the development process becomes a learning opportunity for any of your users that would like to embrace it. At every step, we aim to transfer our knowledge and skills to your organisation because we believe that, in doing so, we will have a longer lasting impact on society. As well as working closely with your team through the project, we can also provide formal seminars and training.


Cloud Application Development

Our cloud application development services povides you access to our user experience (UX) and software development specialists, they will work in collaboration to develop a clear understanding of your application requirements and the user's requirements. Once this is complete we can start building the application using Azure and Office 365-based applications that empower your staff, increase operational efficiency, and create new or improved services for your citizens and beneficiaries.

Cloud Application Support

We can build solutions in your own public cloud tenancy or ours. Whatever the location, we can provide 24x7 support and hosting for you.



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