Eduserv developed an all-encompassing, centrally-governed website, which improved user experience for students, professionals and university staff.


Digital is a vital channel for the University of Leicester to attract prospective students and meet the needs of current ones. But due, in part, to a silo mentality, information was spread over a whole array of different websites. Not only was this affecting user experience, but it was also resulting in rising maintenance costs.

Further to this, some of the university’s research work was buried deep within a complex network of legacy platforms. Surfacing it was critical, particularly given the university’s reputation in this area.

A team at Eduserv were tasked with creating a single point of access, which brought together every relevant strand of content and allowed users to perform a search across the entire university ecosystem.

Action taken

Designed a new architecture

Eduserv’s Solution Architect worked alongside the university’s own team to simplify the existing information architecture. The work included identifying requirements, defining a project management style and supporting the Architect Review Board.

Consolidated existing content and data

A vast assortment of existing websites, content and data was brought together into a single touchpoint using the Sitecore 8 Experience Platform. As part of this, a new unified search was developed, which crawls and indexes information from every relevant source.

Introduced personalisation for users

To increase engagement for overseas students, Sitecore was configured to allow the university to present personalised content according to the needs of each individual.

Made it easier to manage content

To encourage content to be regularly updated, the site was developed around an ‘Experience Editor first’ philosophy. Essentially, this enables editors to update content using an advanced WYSIWYG editor with a front-end view. Further to this, a modular design allows different components to be quickly swapped, personalised and A/B tested.

Trained internal teams

Internal teams were provided with the necessary knowledge to allow them to develop the website further.

Impact of the project

The Registrar from the University of Leicester had this to say:

We are very happy with the new website. It’s an excellent example of a project where collaborative working between various university teams and multiple external suppliers including Eduserv, has really worked well.

I’d like to thank you and your team for your contributions and the help and guidance that you gave to our teams as we were developing our skills and capabilities.

The new website is now live at

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