Eduserv helped Drinkaware to overcome a number of challenges, including website downtime, a lack of data and its reliance on external teams.


Drinkaware is an independent charity that helps people to make better choices about their drinking in an effort to reduce alcohol-related harm. Its online services include a range of educational information, along with various tools for tracking and understanding drinking habits.

Demand for the service tends to increase dramatically following alcohol-related press reports. With this in mind, Drinkaware looked to improve the stability of its main website, while also exploring new ways of using data.

Action Taken

Conducted comprehensive research

A team of Eduserv specialists developed a detailed understanding of Drinkaware’s objectives by gathering information from all key stakeholders.

Compared various CMS platforms

After considering a range of CMS platforms, Eduserv recommended retaining Umbraco but updating it to a newer, more secure version.

Improved data collection and management

The team provided several smart tools, including Google Tag manager, to help Drinkaware make better use of the data it collects.

Reduced the reliance on external teams

To avoid continually having to rely on a third party for website updates, Eduserv created a set of custom tools including a grid-based editor. This allowed the Drinkaware team to make significant updates directly, without compromising the overall design.

Introduced new flexible hosting to cater for demand

Eduserv delivered robust and scalable hosting services, which could handle the spikes in website traffic.

Impact of the project

Ellie Mann, digital project manager at Drinkaware explained:

“I’m so impressed with the quality of the site and I’m extremely grateful that we worked with you on this project. It’s great that so much thought has gone into making it easy for us to use and edit, and the amount of documentation you’re providing to help us!” She went on to comment that although there is still more work to do, “I feel like I’ll probably sleep quite well tonight.”

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