Partners SouthWestern selected Eduserv’s accredited cloud platform to provide a secure online system for reporting animal movement in England.


In 2014, SouthWestern created a web application for the ARAMS service that was hosted on Eduserv’s secure uk-based cloud environment. ARAMS allows farmers, markets, abattoirs and others to record the movements of sheep, goats and deer.

Action Taken

Achieved fully accredited levels of security

Eduserv’s cloud professional services team worked relentlessly to meet every security standard required by Defra and the UK Government.

Configured secure VPN access

Staff at Defra and SouthWestern call centres have secure access to the ARAMS application via a VPN.

Impact of the project

“Part of our agreement with Defra from the outset was that all data would be hosted in the UK,” says Colm Lehane, Professional Services for SouthWestern. “We also knew that we would need a partner with the skills and experience to deliver a secure system. After researching the market, we found that Eduserv matched our needs perfectly.”

“It really helped that Eduserv has Pan Government Accreditation. Achieving the accreditations ourselves would have been a long and painful process, but with Eduserv the process has proved to be easy and straightforward,” adds Lehane. “Eduserv also has specific cloud design and consultancy services that helped us get up and running quickly and efficiently.”

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