Project Background

Earlier this year, Cheltenham Borough Homes decided to take the big step towards modernising their digital infrastructure by moving to cloud. With an opportunity to shift away from legacy IT systems and a need to progress from outdated data processing, Cheltenham Borough Homes wanted to work with a partner organisation that excelled at agile project management and understood public sector needs. They also planned to maintain a service level relationship with their current provider and thus, required a cloud service supplier that could co-exist alongside this provider in an efficient and approachable manner.

Creating and Implementing the Plan

The first step for Eduserv was to determine the range of needs that would help Cheltenham Borough Homes maximise their data storage and increase data accessibility across a number of working environments. Using the cloud adoption assessment, Eduserv found varying needs within the organisation, including providing staff with the ability to work flexibly, both in the office and out in the field. Designing an overarching system for housing staff, migrating to cloud to enable remote access and agile working were key to the project. Moving to Office 365 enabled Cheltenham Borough Homes to establish a flexible work environment with a portable and resilient infrastructure.

Delivery before deadline and the next phase

“The key to the successful implementation, migration and transfer of data was the knowledge sharing that happened with Eduserv, our current provider and our own IT team through the ‘discovery days’ at the very start of the project”, stated Louisa Dowsett, Corporate Project Manager at Cheltenham Borough Homes.

“Eduserv provided CBH with a failsafe, well-architected framework with all the code in ARM (Azure Resource Management) templates. This allowed us to take control of our own data and documents and Eduserv facilitated our pilot email migration.”

“Eduserv delivered in a short time scale, with a tight deadline, and turned phase 1 around very quickly. They used an agile project management style, which was new for us. We [Cheltenham Borough Homes] attended joint daily updates, with full transparency of ongoing work and explanation of issues as they arose. Anna from Eduserv was fantastic, and played a vital role as a non-technical project manager, enabling  effective conversations without IT jargon in order to help CBH make decisions quicker with full understanding of impacts.”

“We are now entering the next phase of our journey. Phase 1 of the project was completed in June of this year, and over the course of the next year, the next phase will  migrate our remaining 150 users.

The nature of the cloud-based system means that we can increase the staff numbers over time in a steady, controlled way.

Eduserv’s invaluable experience of working with public service organisations and understanding of cloud strategy has provided the partnership that CBH needs to progress the delivery of our new applications and move our IT strategy forwards."


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