Eduserv worked with AVDC to develop a business plan and supporting IT strategy, which enabled the council to improve its services while also reducing costs.


The team at AVDC were considering how a wide range of technologies could enhance the quality of its service delivery. Discussions were already underway internally, but views differed on how ambitious the council should be and which areas should be tackled first.

Action taken

Evaluated the current technology

Eduserv’s consultants began by mapping out the current systems to identify the areas that needed prioritising. As part of this exercise, the team also highlighted the parts of the council that were able to change quickly.

Encouraged broad discussions with subject experts

A range of subject experts were brought in to share their experiences of the various technologies being evaluated. These included machine learning, big data analytics, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud telephony and software as a service.

Created a realistic plan

Following these extensive insights, Eduserv helped AVDC to narrow its focus and produce a set of clear short-term and long-term objectives.

Impact of the project

Maryvonne Hassall IT Strategy Manager at AVDC explained that Eduserv’s involvement has enabled the council to crystallise its thinking and ultimately save money.

“Working with an external team brings a greater depth of experience and objectivity which allows us to challenge and stretch our thinking in a different way.

The Eduserv team help us have the right conversations with senior leaders about the role of technology in the council, getting agreement about business objectives, the way we want to work and the changes we need to commit to.

They also help overcome concerns that our thinking might be too ambitious around the role of IT and ensure that our ideas can be turned into plans which are deliverable.

The outcome of the work has been the development of a business plan and supporting IT strategy, which is even more ambitious than what we had originally envisaged. We have a clear set of criteria for how we will invest in IT, focusing on value and flexibility rather than short-term cost. This will help us shorten the procurement cycle and bring consistency across the council.

As a result of the work, we can better deliver business change in the future and save money by working more flexibly. We are also in a better position to put new technology to work to improve services and reduce costs such as the use of AI to respond to customer enquiries.

Eduserv have helped us move quickly from an initial position where we were setting out our ambitions to one where we are ready to make them happen.”

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