This research was conducted between April 2018 and December 2018, and a is a direct follow-up to ‘Local Government Cloud Adoption in 2018: Research, Insight and Case-Studies to Inspire’ that Eduserv and Socitm jointly produced.

Using a survey of 633 UK councils, HE institutions, public bodies and emergency services, the study presents:

  • Statistics on the rate of cloud, on-premise and third-party datacentre usage, cloud strategy/ policy and key motivators for cloud migration.
  • What is holding public sector organisations back in terms of cloud usage.
  • What are the skills needed in a successful cloud-first environment and what kind of leadership is necessary to make it happen.
  • Interview quotes from several public sector IT leaders from organisations of different sizes and working with a variety of IT delivery models.
  • Case studies from public sector organisations about their IT models and plans for implementation of different technologies in the near future.

We would like to thank the following for their contributions to this research report:

  • Trevor Baxter, IT Solutions Director at King’s College London
  • Rachel Bowles, Director Corporate Affairs at Harrogate Borough Council
  • John Cartwright, Head of Computing Services at the University of Liverpool
  • Harvey Durrant, Head of IT at Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
  • Charles Ewen, Director of Technology and CIO at the Met Office
  • Roy Grant, Shared Head of ICT & Digital Services at York and Harrogate Councils
  • Sonia Halliwell, former Assistant Director HR & OD at Wigan Council
  • Anthony Leadbetter, Head of Infrastructure at Essex & Kent Police
  • Emma Marinos, Director of Modernise at Southwark Council
  • Rob Miller, Director of ICT at Hackney Council
  • Rob Salmon, Deputy Director of Finance at Staffordshire Council
  • Marion Sinclair, Head of Strategy and Enterprise Architecture at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
  • Rob Thompson, Director and Chief Technology Officer at the Home Office
  • Stephen Vercella, Head of ICT at Wiltshire Council

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About the author

Cintia is Eduserv's content manager and is responsible for our thought leadership campaigns across education, local government, public bodies, emergency services and not-for-profits. Cintia aims to add value and insight to the public and third sectors through multimedia content such as reports, case studies, videos and articles.

Cintia has worked with various technology companies over the years and has also contributed as a journalist to several international media outlets.

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