Earlier this year Eduserv’s Executive Briefing Programme conducted extensive research into ‘Skills for digital change’.  Our research found that sometimes there is lack of understanding amongst HR professionals about what ‘digital’ means and the steps that HR/OD professionals should be taking to equip themselves and their organisation’s workforce for the future.

As a follow-up to this research we are bring together a panel of experts for a webinar to share their experiences of tackling digital change and provide practical tips and guidance for HR/OD professionals in particular.


The HR Professional’s Guide to Digital Change
26 July, 10.30am - 12noon

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Our starting point is that HR and OD professionals should be central to any digital-driven change programme from the outset:

  • leading on cultural change – what it means, how to do it and ensuring it is embedded
  • workflow design – how roles, functions and responsibilities will change and how to make this happen
  • redefining HR policies, procedures and guidance that were developed for a pre-digital era and no longer work well in a digital business.
  • creating mentoring, coaching and peer support from top to bottom to develop deep and effective digital skills across the organisation
  • workforce reshaping – job design, performance criteria, reporting and governance.


This webinar is a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities for HR professionals getting more involved in digital change programmes. It will support the development of a guide for HR professionals looking at the issues for wider influence, involvement and impact in digital change programmes – which are, after all, supposed to be more about people and practices than about technology and tools.


Our speakers:

Chair: Jos Creese, Principal Analyst, Eduserv’s Executive Briefing Programme

Kushal Birla, Customer Service Director, Warwickshire County Council

Neill Crump, Head of Digital Transformation & Customer Services, Worcestershire County Council

Sonia Halliwell, HR & OD Director, Wigan Council

Caroline Nugent, PPMA President & HR Director at oneSource (Newham & Havering LBCs)

Barry Pirie, Associated Director People & Business, Wiltshire Council


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About the author

Natasha Veenendaal

Natasha runs Eduserv's Local Government Executive Briefing programme. Working closely with Jos Creese, Principal Analyst, and the steering group of senior local government leaders, she aims to increase sector-wide understanding of the benefits of cloud computing and broader digital initiatives. This includes working on research reports, conducting interviews, putting together events and engaging with industry figures at events and through social media. Before Eduserv, she spent 14 years working for international publishing and events businesses. First in the financial sector with 9 years at Euromoney, including a two year secondment in Hong Kong, and more recently 5 years in digital, delivering conference agendas on topics such as app development, enterprise mobility, cloud, and digital marketing.

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