When you have over 40 Heads of Digital in a room and they all agree that they need to stop talking about digital transformation you know you’ve reached a tipping point. This was the case at the Digital Change Forum we hosted in partnership with attendees from organisations including Samaritans, RSPB and many other leading UK charities agreed that the terms ‘digital first’ and ‘digital transformation’ are banded about far too freely.

The event was arranged to discuss the publication of our recent report on the state of business transformation in charities and the role of Heads of Digital.

A great number of issues were discussed, but as ever one of the most keenly discussed was the need to get leadership more involved and drive transformation from the top.

On one level, attendees said that this means finding new ways to illustrate the ‘burning platform’ – i.e. making it clear to CEOs that there is a real danger their charity will cease to exist in their current form unless they make a real effort to start adapting now.

At the same time, Heads of Digital agreed it’s also important to remain constructive. In other words, they said they need to provide leaders with clear advice on the areas they need to consider to get a real grip on digital and how it can make organisations more efficient, relevant and sustainable.

We couldn’t agree more – so to this end, we’ve produced a special short report for CEOs as a follow up to the event that puts all the major issues in focus and talks the language of ‘business’ rather ‘digital’ transformation from a leader’s perspective.

If you’re a Head of Digital yourself, pass it on to your CEO, book in a follow-up meeting and talk them through the challenges you think they can help you with.

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