Top ten findings from our roundtable: 'Designing for digital service delivery'

This report, by Jos Creese, tackles the role of digital design and adoption

Three years on from Government Digital Service’s ‘Cloud First’ policy announcement, we have tested the extent to which this has penetrated local government. With responses from 408 UK councils, this report provides a comprehensive picture of cloud use in local government.

This step by step guide offers advice on how local government organisations can assess their readiness for cloud. Following this, the guide will offer advice on how to begin to build a cloud strategy.

To build a clearer picture of the state of cloud adoption in local government we asked every council in the UK a set of questions. This initial report – the first of two we will publish – shows the state of play of the top 100 councils by revenue.

The findings from a roundtable discussion with local government CIOs and shared service directors - including motivations for sharing, key factors for shared service success and barriers to to overcome..

In this local government executive briefing paper, our principal analyst and former local government CIO Jos Creese shares his thoughts on whether creating a local equivalent to GDS and establishing local government digital standards would be a good idea.

Confronting the challenges: Examining the context for integration and understanding the blockers and opportunities.

This report summarises the discussion and survey findings from Eduserv's research at "Think Cloud for Local Government", giving some new insight into cloud adoption maturity in local government..

Charity leaders still aren’t fully addressing the issues that will allow digital to become core to the way charities work. Without this top down approach to transformation, digital leads are worried that charities will cease to exist in a digital world. This report outlines 5 key areas that charity leaders should address to start moving the digital agenda forward.

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