Balancing work and life

Working hours

A full-time contract with Eduserv is 36.5 hours over 5 days, and our core office hours are 0800 to 1800. We want you to be at your most productive when working, and not clock watching. To this end, how you work your contracted hours is entirely up to you, provided you meet the needs of the customers, your team members and the business. If you are not sure what this means in practice, talk to your manager or project lead.


Family leave and time off for dependents

We completely understand that there may be times when you need to take time away from work for your family. For details on the types of leave you may request if eligible, and the process we will follow, please refer to the holidays, time off, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave section of the website. In the first instance, discuss any requirements for time off with your manager.

If you are eligible for statutory pay, we offer the following occupational enhancements (inclusive of statutory pay):

Maternity, shared parental and adoption pay

First six weeks at full pay

Twenty weeks at half pay

Thirteen weeks at standard statutory pay or 90% of salary (whichever is less)

Ordinary paternity pay Up to two weeks at full pay


Flexible working/home working

If you have 26 weeks’ continuous service, you can make a statutory application for flexible working. Further information, including the rules and procedure to be followed, can be found on

You may also apply to be a home worker. In both cases, we will be asking you to demonstrate in your application how any impact on service and your team will be mitigated, before a decision will be made.

Both flexible working and home working would normally be considered a permanent contractual change, if agreed.



If you are ever too unwell to come to work, and working from home is not an option, phone your manager as soon as you can on the first day of absence to ensure that it is not considered an unauthorised absence. You must also log your absence, and the reason, on BambooHR as soon as you can. You can do this either on your laptop, or by downloading the BambooHR app.

You can then self-certify your absence on BambooHR for up to seven calendar days.


Unpaid leave:

On some occasions, we may agree prolonged periods of unpaid leave, provided you have over one year’s service. This may be either:

  • up to three weeks unpaid; or,
  • a sabbatical of between three weeks and 12 months unpaid, during which time your terms and conditions will be suspended.

In the first instance, discuss any requests with your manager, who will then escalate your request to the executive if they believe we can support your application.


Retirement planning

In line with legislation, we do not operate a default retirement date. As such, if you are considering retirement, you will be required to resign and give notice as normal.

If you do want to retire soon, you may wish to consider our flexible working options as a wind down to full retirement.


Special leave

If you need to take time off for any other reason, eg. Jury service, reserve forces leave etc., talk to your manager in the first instance, setting out the reason for the absence, the length of absence, how you will mitigate the impact upon the business, and whether you are requesting paid or unpaid leave. Your manager will then discuss your request with the talent and organisational excellence team, before making a decision.