Balancing work and life

Working hours

A full-time contract with Eduserv is 36.5 hours over 5 days, and our core office hours are 0800 to 1800. We want you to be at your most productive when working, and not clock watching. To this end, how you work your contracted hours is entirely up to you, provided you meet the needs of the customers, your team members and the business. If you are not sure what this means in practice, talk to your manager.

Working from home

Eduserv is committed to improving the working lives of all employees. Homeworking is where employees perform some or all of their duties at home. Types of homeworking:

  • Home as the main place of work.
  • Flexible homeworking with time split between home and the office.
  • Mobile working with a base at home to travel to different premises and customers.
  • The office as the main place of work with working from home occasionally.

As a business, we encourage and support homeworking where it meets business needs.  Homeworking may not suit everyone and it may not be relevant for all roles, so you should ensure a conversation with your manager to determine the appropriateness in your circumstances.

Eduserv reserves the right to review and vary homeworking arrangements or to end them if it proves to be unsatisfactory.

Employee Guidelines

  • When working from home, you should be contactable by phone during working hours and dial into meetings as necessary.
  • It’s important to keep in regular contact with your manager and colleagues to ensure that you are kept up to date with developments.
  • You must ensure that you have a suitable environment in which you can work. You must ensure that you can work free from disruption, e.g. by having adequate care arrangements in place for dependents who may be at home during working hours.
  • You must ensure that appropriate breaks are taken.
  • Eduserv is responsible for your health, safety and welfare, wherever you may work. At the same time you have an obligation to ensure that you take reasonable care not to expose yourself and others to risks to health and safety.
  • A working from home assessment tool can be found under the training tab on BambooHR, you are also required to complete an annual display screen equipment refresher on iHasco

Equipment and Connectivity

  • If you are a someone whose home is the main place of work, Eduserv will provide the necessary equipment to enable you to work effectively from home.  You will be expected to provide your own broadband connectivity.
  • Any equipment supplied by the Company is not for personal use. The equipment should be used exclusively for Eduserv business and should only be used by you.
  • The equipment provided will remain the property of Eduserv

Health and Safety

  • You are responsible for day-to-day health and safety issues and for reporting any accidents, or concerns to your manager.   You are also responsible for ensuring that your workspace is set up appropriately and in line with DSE requirements.

Insurance and Other Financial Matters

  • Company equipment is covered by the Company’s insurance policy, however you must take reasonable care to ensure that all equipment owned by the Company is kept secure.
  • You will be held responsible for the loss or damage to any supplied equipment when caused by failure to take adequate precautions to ensure its safety.
  • Whilst working from home you are covered by the Company’s Employers Liability policy in respect of injury arising out of and in the course of employment at home.
  • It is your responsibility to provide adequate home buildings and contents insurance. The Company will not accept liability for damage caused to the home or its contents.
  • Home working arrangements may affect your home and contents insurance policies. You should check with your insurer if in doubt.

Confidentiality, Security and Data Protection

  • You should ensure that the same rules and standards that you work to in the office are applied at home, particularly in terms of confidentiality of data. Whether working at home or at the office, you are required to comply with the Company’s Data Protection Policies and Acceptable Use Policy.
  • You are responsible for ensuring the security of Company property and Company information, files, documents etc. within your possession. That includes ensuring documents are kept secure and shredded when no longer required.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that Company information or equipment cannot be accessed by other parties.


Family leave

We completely understand that there may be times when you need to take time away from work for your family. For details on the types of leave you may request if eligible, and the process we will follow, please refer to the holidays, time off, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave section of the website. In the first instance, discuss any requirements for time off with your manager.

If you are eligible for statutory pay, we offer the following occupational enhancements (inclusive of statutory pay):

Maternity, shared parental and adoption pay

First six weeks at full pay

Twenty weeks at half pay

Thirteen weeks at standard statutory pay or 90% of salary (whichever is less)

Ordinary paternity pay

Ordinary paternity pay

Parental leave

Dependency leave

At the discretion of Eduserv, employees can take a reasonable amount of paid time off to deal with certain prescribed emergencies involving certain dependants. Time off for dependants can be taken, for example, if a dependant falls ill or is injured, or if care arrangements break down. A dependant is the child (including adopted child), husband, wife or parent of the employee. It also includes someone who lives in the same household as the employee, and someone who reasonably relies on the employee, such as an elderly relative.

There is no legal definition of what would be a reasonable amount of time off but the time taken must be necessary and reasonable in the particular circumstances. This is typically one or two days to put other arrangements in place. 

Employees should inform their line manager as soon as possible of the reason for the absence and expected duration. 

Eduserv will not unreasonably refuse an employee the time off. Eduserv also will not subject an employee to a disadvantage or dismiss an employee for a reason connected with taking time off for dependants.

Flexible working/home working

If you have 26 weeks’ continuous service, you can make a statutory application for flexible working. Further information, including the rules and procedure to be followed, can be found on

You may also apply to be a home worker. In both cases, we will be asking you to demonstrate in your application how any impact on service and your team will be mitigated, before a decision will be made.

Both flexible working and home working would normally be considered a permanent contractual change, if agreed.


Holiday is accrued on a monthly basis. Employees can request holiday through BambooHR. Any holiday over 10 working days needs to be approved by a member of the senior management team.

Employees are entitled to carry over a maximum of 1 weeks' annual leave from one year to the next. Holiday carried over must be taken in January. Any entitlement in excess of the 1 week that has not been taken will be lost.  Only in exceptional circumstances will the Head of Department approve the carryover of holiday beyond 1 week’s leave.

if you are sick whilst on holiday please report it to your manager. Eduserv may, at its discretion, reinstate some or all of the period of sickness or injury but only in exceptional circumstances and may request evidence of a medical certificate from a doctor.

If you wish to take holiday during your notice period, you will need to discuss this with your manager.  Eduserv may, at its discretion, ask you to take any outstanding holiday during their notice period, or may ask that you do not take any holiday during your notice period. 

Any difference between taken and accrued holiday on the last day of employment will be taken into account in final salary e.g. if more holiday is accrued than taken, the amount will be added to salary and vice versa. 

Employees are not entitled to accrue holiday if they are paid in lieu of notice or are summarily dismissed.


If you are ever too unwell to come to work, and working from home is not an option, phone your manager as soon as you can on the first day of absence to ensure that it is not considered an unauthorised absence. Unless you have a fit note you must let your manager know every morning that you're still unwell. You must also log your absence, and the reason, on BambooHR as soon as you return.

You can then self-certify your absence on BambooHR for up to seven calendar days. A fit note from a doctor is required for any period of sick leave over 7 calendar days.

Eduserv pays 10 working days sick leave per rolling year.

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) will be paid in accordance with legislation at the time of absence.  SSP is currently payable where the period of absence is four or more consecutive calendar days.  SSP is currently paid for a maximum of 28 weeks for any continuous or linked instances of absence. 

Compassionate leave

The loss of someone can be a distressing time. Eduserv will provide paid leave at the discretion of the relevant senior manager when an employee loses someone close to them.  

Unpaid leave

On some occasions, we may agree prolonged periods of unpaid leave, provided you have over one year’s service. This may be either:

  • up to three weeks unpaid; or,
  • a sabbatical of between three weeks and 12 months unpaid, during which time your terms and conditions will be suspended.

In the first instance, discuss any requests with your manager, who will then escalate your request to the executive if they believe we can support your application.

Retirement planning

In line with legislation, we do not operate a default retirement date. As such, if you are considering retirement, you will be required to resign and give notice as normal.

If you do want to retire soon, you may wish to consider our flexible working options as a wind down to full retirement.

Special leave

If you need to take time off for any other reason, eg. Jury service, reserve forces leave etc., talk to your manager in the first instance, setting out the reason for the absence, the length of absence, how you will mitigate the impact upon the business, and whether you are requesting paid or unpaid leave. Your manager will then discuss your request with the HR team, before making a decision.