We are courageous, open, determined and excellent partners of public good organisations

True partners.

We take the time to understand our client’s ambitions and form relationships. We do not ‘transact’ or ‘supply’ but invest time in 'knowing' our clients.

We focus on what is best for our clients, not on what is best for us. We share objectives, knowledge, risks and rewards.

We enable, empower and lead our clients towards digital independence. We transfer power from us to them, and remain focused on the long-term.



We have the courage to be innovative and lead our clients through transformation. We show our clients technical leadership.

We have the courage to challenge each other and hold each other to account. We embrace challenge as an opportunity to improve.

We have the courage to walk away from projects and business that do not fit. We will be less opportunistic and more faithful to our strategic decisions.



We are open and honest with each other and with our clients. We practice what we preach and never obscure the truth

We encourage new ideas from our people and our clients, and act on the same. We will never assume that we know best.

We allow ourselves to be judged by our clients. We will not be defensive by default and act on critique as well as praise.



We strive to be the best we can be and enable our clients to be the same. We do not settle for mediocracy, but excellence as defined by our clients.

We attract, develop and retain the best people and share them with our clients. Our people are focused on continuous improvement.

We routinely communicate with each other and our clients. We take the time to communicate our accomplishments.



We always deliver on our commitments, to each other and to our clients. We never intentionally or repeatedly let each other or our clients down.

We are determined to live our values. Values are difficult to live by, but we live by ours.

We make decisions and act on them quickly. We do not dither and we are not afraid of failure.