Benefits of working at Eduserv

Here is our current list of benefits you can access as an employee of Eduserv. We are always actively looking for other benefits that we can offer you, so please contact the talent and organisational excellence team (HR), if you have any ideas or questions.

  • Full time employees receive 27 days’ holiday, plus eight bank holidays
  • Bonus scheme
  • We have a defined benefits generous pension scheme with 18% employer contribution and 8% employee contribution
  • A cycle to work scheme
  • Travel loans
  • Tax free vouchers (Childcare vouchers)
  • Employee assistance programme
  • Flexible working and home working
  • A good causes and social fund
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives, including free fruit Tuesdays!
  • Payroll giving
  • Recruitment referral bonus

Bonus Scheme

We operate a non-contractual annual bonus scheme. Further information on this will be published on Spotlgiht ahead of any bonuses being awarded.

In addition to the bonus scheme, any employee can nominate an individual or team for a spot bonus. Nominations will be discussed by the executive management team and awards of £250 for an individual and £500 for a team will be made where appropriate. Further information can be found on Spotlight.


Travel loans

All permanent employees of Eduserv are eligible to apply for a travel loan for an annual season ticket, although the provisions of the loan in each case is ultimately at the discretion of Eduserv and the scheme may be amended from time to time or withdrawn.

No new travel loan can be taken out until any outstanding travel loan is fully repaid.

The minimum amount of a loan will be £100, the maximum £5,000 (subject to periodic review). If the cost of a ticket exceeds £5,000 a loan may be considered under exceptional circumstances.

The loan will be made payable to a Rail Authority , First Bus or other approved ticket issuing authority.

Loans are repayable by deduction from monthly salary by equal instalments over a twelve month period.

The employee receiving the loan will remain responsible for complying with any conditions imposed by the carrier/provider concerning use, loss, transfer, refunds etc.  In the event of a loss of ticket, deductions will continue until the original loan has been repaid.

Applicants agree to the recovery of any outstanding loan balance from their final pay if they cease employment with Eduserv.  Eduserv will take reasonable steps to obtain a refund from the travel operator, which will be refunded directly to Eduserv.  Where a refund is obtained from the travel operator, Eduserv will reimburse the full amount of the refund to the employee after employment has ceased.

In those instances where there is insufficient final pay to fully repay the loan, the remaining balance is due immediately.

The operation of the scheme will be reviewed from time to time.

To apply for a travel loan, please complete the travel loan application form on GDrive>forms and template and send to payroll.


Cycle Scheme 

Cyclescheme provide tax free bikes for the Government’s Cycle to Work initiative. This is available to all permanent employees once they have passed probation. 

Cycles and safety equipment for commuting to work are provided to employees as a tax-free benefit by Eduserv.  Employees hire the bikes and equipment up to £1,000 for a period of time, normally one year, and sacrifice the value of the equipment from their salary over the period. 

Eduserv purchases the bike and equipment and the employee agrees for Eduserv to deduct this amount from their salary before tax and NI.  Eduserv also benefit from reduced employers national insurance. 

The scheme is a credit agreement operated by Cyclescheme and administered by Eduserv.  Eduserv retains ownership of the bike until the full market value has been recovered from the employee. 

In addition to income tax, employees benefit from VAT savings as Eduserv can recover VAT on the purchase price of the bike. 

For more details visit: or speak to payroll.



The mentoring scheme enables employees to develop their personal and professional skills and knowledge by partnering with a colleague as a mentee or mentor.

"When the mentoring scheme was announced, I was interested. Being part of a small team within the organisation, I felt quite isolated from the bigger picture, and saw the scheme as a great opportunity to learn more about Eduserv as a whole, about what we do, why we do it, how we do it, where we were going and why. But I was concerned I might be too old, too experienced, too set in my ways. I was reassured that this was not the case, so I applied and was accepted.

When told the name of my mentor I had further doubts, as their world and mine did not obviously intersect. I went with it however, and am very glad I did – the contrast in experience, in role, in attitude and so on makes them the perfect foil and I am getting exactly what I hoped for so far. My mentor is knowledgeable, opinionated, experienced, they challenge me more and more and make me work to find the answers; it is exactly what I hoped for, even if it is not always within my comfort zone."

Ben Offiler - Business Development Executive


Buddy programme

When someone joins Eduserv, they will be matched up with a buddy, who will take them out for lunch up to three times. As well as a friendly welcome, this is a great opportunity to establish a point of contact, someone who can help new starters get to know Eduserv.

"Having a buddy when I first started was really useful because I got to learn more about the business from more of a personal point of view, as opposed to the corporate perspective.

You’re away from the office and so you feel more comfortable asking questions that you might not pose to your new line manager. Plus, there are loads of great places to eat in Bath (and Bristol!) so you get to sample the local area. Doubly good if you don’t live locally. It also helps to build relationships with people outside of your own team or department."

Lauren Faye, HR Advisor


Hack sessions

Hack sessions are a chance to look up from the regular day to day work and explore the new features of public cloud by making things – be that web, data or infrastructure.



We offer up to two days' paid time off to volunteer with a charity of your choice. We also provide a number of opportunities to take part in charitable activities throughout the year. Further information on the types of activities can be found on the Eduserv Facebook page.


Social events and good causes

We recognise that our people also contribute to their local communities, outside of work.  Our supporting good causes initiative donates thousands of pounds annually to a wide range of employee-nominated causes, providing an important opportunity to give back to the communities in which we work and live, all we ask is that the cause you are supporting recognises Eduserv's contribution in some way, such as a branded banner or sponsorship of an event.

If you have an idea for a social event which is supported by at least 8 other people in different teams, you may apply for funding. The event must also be open to all Eduserv staff and advertised on Spotlight.


Refer someone you know

If you refer someone you know for a job at Eduserv and that person passes their probation, you will earn a £1000 referral award, subject to tax and NI.

"James came to us and soon established himself as someone with strong IT sales experience who was able to quickly acquire information about the various OpenAthens products and services and then talk authoritatively about them to existing and potential customers.

Within a couple of months we realised we wanted to recruit someone to help me with publisher sales, so we asked James if he knew of anyone who might be suitable. James immediately thought of Kieran, as they’d stayed in touch, so James suggested Kieran check out the vacancy.

Kieran ended up applying and it was apparent at his first interview that he had done his research and spotted the key features of OpenAthens and how they could be valuable to publishers. He made an even stronger impression at his second interview and in his first six months has surpassed our expectations. Knowing how much we’ve spent on recruitment consultants in the past, the £1,000 bounty James received was money well spent."

Phil Leahy – Service Relationship Manager OpenAthens