Welcome to Eduserv! We are very excited to have you on board.

Our manifesto


We work where we want: in the office, at home, in the coffee shop, wherever our roles permit and where we can be our most productive, whilst protecting confidentiality and data security
We wear what we want: taking into consideration who we are with and what we are doing
We make mistakes: then we learn and quickly move on
We talk to people: and make our lives easier. We use email as a last resort, or as a record of an earlier conversation
We help each other improve: we say if we think any of us can do anything different, or better
We are willing to improve: if anyone tells us that they think we can do something different or better
We take ownership: it’s our work, our customers and our development
We ask each other questions: we recognise you may not have asked them yourselves recently (if ever!)
We are considerate: we think of how we would like to be treated, when interacting with other people
We don’t get Eduserv or ourselves into trouble: we make sure we know and adhere to our legal obligations
We get things done: but make it much more than a tick box exercise
We always ask “how can we make life better for our customers?”: whether internal or external, customers are why we are all here, so we always strive to make their lives better