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  • Digital risk vs reward

    Charity FDs are still unsure about how they should be supporting digital. In this briefing paper, we pull together six key conclusions that encapsulate the best ways FDs can support and encourage business change through digital without suffering the pitfalls and risks they fear most.

  • The case for a local GDS and local GDS standards

    The case for a local gds front cover

    In this local government executive briefing paper, our principal analyst and former local government CIO Jos Creese shares his thoughts on whether creating a local equivalent to GDS and establishing local government digital standards would be a good idea.

  • Digital transformation and the CEO

    The role of the CEO in charity digital transformation

    Charity leaders still aren’t fully addressing the issues that will allow digital to become core to the way charities work. Without this top down approach to transformation, digital leads are worried that charities will cease to exist in a digital world. This report outlines 5 key areas that charity leaders should address to start moving the digital agenda forward.

  • 2016 Online Resources Catalogue

    Cover of 2016 Online Resources Catalogue

    A list of the latest Chest Agreements for online resources, databases and videos. The agreements are estimated to save universities and colleges a collective £59 million pounds.

  • 2016 Software Catalogue

    Cover of 2016 Software Catalogue

    A list of the latest Chest Agreements for academic software licences. The agreements are estimated to save universities and colleges a collective £59 million pounds.

  • Business transformation and the role of Heads of Digital

    A manifesto for digital change in 2016

    Only a small minority of charities are making headway on the digital agenda. This report outlines our manifesto for digital change in charities - four clear messages for Heads of Digital and charities who want to make headway on this issue about what they need to do differently.

  • Shared services: Getting IT right

    Front Cover of Shared Service Report

    The sharing of public sector services continues to grow. And with such high dependency on digital technology it is important to get the IT right. This report outlines the digital considerations when undertaking a shared service programme; providing practical guidance on where to begin, and the IT elements required to plan a successful transformation.

  • The quest for student satisfaction

    The quest for student satisfaction report cover

    There are pressures on universities to improve the overall student experience whilst they face real cuts in their budgets. Students expect their university to provide the IT and library resources they need to complete their studies. This report explores what needs to be done to support universities.

  • Delivering business impact with technology

    Cover image of Delivering business impact with technology

    Today’s CEOs require their IT teams to be more focused on business outcomes. But what should IT leaders be prioritising, and what role does technology play? Understand the policies driving CEO thinking; and how IT can deliver business impact by cutting costs, reducing demand and improving services.

  • A digital student learning experience

    Digital student learning experience front cover

    This report explores the issues around the management and provision of learning resources in FE, highlighting UK colleges’ priorities to deliver a 'digital first’ teaching experience, and what more needs to be done to ensure the availability resources. It suggests some practical solutions to improving quality whilst reducing costs.

  • Guide to managed cloud services

    Cover of Managed cloud services guide

    A guide which explains what managed cloud services are and helps you assess whether building your own in-house capability, or outsourcing to a specialist provider is the right choice for your organisation. 

  • Guide to strategic cloud adoption

    Strategic cloud adoption for government

    This guide is suitable for senior officers within government who are responsible for business and IT transformation, estate management and mapping IT to business strategy.

  • Guide to optimising charity websites for donations

    Optimising charity websites report cover

    We examine key areas of website performance to help charities improve how they use their site for fundraising. We look at mobile performance, desktop speed, accessibility and the overall donation journey on PC and mobile. We also compare the website performance of five major categories of charities; aid, children, environment, health and animal and interview digital leads from some of the UK's biggest charities to identify concerns and examples of best practice.

  • Guide to procuring accredited cloud services

    Cover of guide to producing accredited cloud services

    This step-by-step guide will help government organisations through the process of procuring cloud services via Digital Marketplace. It covers what accredited cloud services are, procurement preparation, comparing suppliers and how to make the final decision. The guide offers insight and questions to ask at every stage of the procurement cycle to help government compare suppliers on a like-for-like basis.

  • Report on delivering cloud first

    Delivering cloud first government report cover

    This report will help government IT decision-makers look at how they can use cloud to transform their organisation and improve services. Based on a survey of 800 civil servants and interviews with senior civil servants and CIOs on the current state of government cloud adoption along with future plans.

  • Guide to charity IT and digital teams working together

    How IT and marketing can work together charities report cover

    We look at how digital and IT teams can work together to successfully manage and deliver digital projects in the charity sector. We also look at roles and responsibilities, what barriers prevent charities improving the delivery of digital projects, and how these can be overcome in co-operation with IT to deliver the best results.

  • UKSG, Bournemouth, 2016 - The view of a first-time exhibitor

    UKSG, Bournemouth, 2016 - The view of a first-time exhibitor

    Bournemouth in mid-April – it’s a bit of a gamble.  Could be lovely, could be cold, could be wet, could be windy, could be all of the above, all on the same day!  But as luck would have it we had two full days of sunshine for the 2016 UKSG conference.  Or so I am led ...

  • Essential insight for planning a move to the cloud in local government

    We recognise that many local government authorities are currently considering moving to the cloud to support new ways of working and to help deliver services in a better and more cost effective way. However many organisations are unsure how to begin this journey, and with...

  • Meet Ian Winship - OpenAthens UK HE/FE Sales Manager

    Ian Winship is the OpenAthens UK Sales Manager for higher education and further education. Ian’s expansive knowledge of the software needs of the academic arena is based on a 20 year career in the IT industry. Ian has also held Product Manager and Marketing Manager roles w...