Symposium 2011

Eduserv Symposium 2011: Virtualisation and the Cloud

10:00 - 18:30 12 May 2011 Royal College of Physicans, London


Symposium 2011

Virtualisation and the Cloud: Realising the benefits of shared infrastructure

As we feel the squeeze, the use of shared virtualised platforms and the cloud will play an increasingly important role in protecting and developing services. This is true both at the level of infrastructure (storage and compute facilities) and enterprise applications (CMS, finance, etc.) as well as in the more well-established examples of email or contact management. This symposium will use a mix of case studies and thought-provoking presentations to challenge our current thinking around efficiency, shared services, impact and effectiveness. It will consider the challenges and benefits of developing and delivering infrastructure and applications through shared virtualised platforms and the cloud (using perspectives from both inside and outside education), and make recommendations about design and implementation choices. 

  • Hear about the latest developments in the University Modernisation Fund (UMF) shared services in cloud computing infrastructure project
  • Understand the strategic role of virtualisation and the cloud in the delivery of shared IT services
  • Find out about current and future directions in the provision of cloud solutions for compute and storage, both within academia and beyond
  • Cover the issues and challenges associated with these approaches and their impact on efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Listen to practical experiences from institutions already working in the area
  • Network with peers who have a shared interest in these issues

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Praise for the previous symposium:

"Once again a fascinating event with interesting speakers"
"First class event. Well organised and enjoyable"
"Excellent day's entertainment! Most illuminating. Thanks to all concerned!"
"Fantastic event, very inspirational speakers, lots of food for thought"



    • Photo of Armando Fox

      Armando Fox

      Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley

      Armando Fox is an Adjunct Associate Professor at UC Berkeley and a co-founder of the Berkeley RAD Lab. Prior to that he was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford, and received his PhD, MS and BS degrees at Berkeley, Illinois at MIT respectively.
    • Phil Richards Photo

      Phil Richards

      Loughborough University

      Phil has a first class honours degree in physics, and a doctorate in nuclear structure physics, both from St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in higher education teaching, taken in service, and leading to Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) status.
    • Photo of Rachel Bruce

      Rachel Bruce


      Rachel is the Innovation Director for Digital Infrastructure.
    • Photo of Dan Perry

      Dan Perry

      Janet (UK)

      Daniel Perry is Head, Strategy Business at JANET(UK), a remit that includes new initiatives such as data centres alongside strategic processes including the new Corporate Plan due out soon.
    • Matt Johnson

      Matt Johnson

      Technical Client Director - Research Institutions - Eduserv

      Matt’s role as Technical Director at Eduserv is to work with research institutions and leading universities to identify and develop IT infrastructure and services that meet the changing needs of the research community.
    • Photo of Kevin Ashley

      Kevin Ashley

      Digital Curation Centre

      As Director, Kevin maps new territory as the DCC embarks on its third phase of evolution (2010 - 2013), where the accent is on enabling capacity and capability amongst the research community in matters of digital curation.
    • Simon Wardley, Leading Edge Forum

      Simon Wardley

      Leading Edge Forum

      Simon Wardley, is a Researcher for the Leading Edge Forum.
    • Chris Cobb

      Chris Cobb

      Roehampton University

      Chris Cobb's responsibilities include management of Property, Facilities Services, Information Technology, Library & Learning Services, Human Resource, Business Process Review and Commercial Services.
    • Photo of Dr Kenji Takeda

      Kenji Takeda

      University of Southampton

      Dr Kenji Takeda is a senior lecturer in aerodynamics and flight mechanics working in the areas of distributed computing, experimental and computational fluid dynamics, aeroacoustics, and flight simulation.
    • Photo of Terence Harmer

      Terence Harmer

      Belfast e-Science Centre

      Speaker: Terence Harmer


    Worldwide live-streaming timings

    All the talks at the symposium will be live-streamed on the web. Check the timings below.

    Note: if you are unable to watch the live-stream, videos and slides from each talk will also be made available here shortly after the event.

    First morning session (including opening keynote)

    UK - 10.30am
    US (East coast) - 05.30am
    US (West coast) - 02.30am
    Australia (Sydney) - 19.30pm

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    Second morning session

    UK - 12.00pm
    US (East coast) - 07.00am
    US (West coast) - 04.00am
    Australia (Sydney) - 21.00pm

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    First afternoon session

    UK - 14.00pm
    US (East coast) - 09.00am
    US (West coast) - 06.00am
    Australia (Sydney) - 23.00pm

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    Second afternoon session (including closing keynote)

    UK - 15.45pm
    US (East coast) - 10.45am
    US (West coast) - 07.45am
    Australia (Sydney) - 00.45am (Friday)

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