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Mobile donations on the up – engagement is key


We curate the top public sector and charity tech stories on our Scoop it page to help share examples of digital excellence with you.

One of our top stories this week is an article in The Telegraph highlighting the rise in mobile donations for charities this year. In 2012, £66m was donated by text, compared to £32m in 2011. The forecast concludes that by 2015, this will reach £150m.

There’s more to mobile donations than a simple text message however. We work with a number of charities who are prioritising mobile optimisation of their web content to provide a richer engagement on multiple devices.

Whether people choose to donate via text, mobile payment, cheque or in person, providing users with a better mobile experience can encourage sustained engagement, and therefore more opportunity for repeat donations. All of which could see charities exceed the prediction of £150m mobile donations by 2015.

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