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What we learnt at JQuery Conference


A few weeks ago fellow Eduserver Kieran Marron and I paid a visit to Oxford to attend the first jQuery Conference in Europe. Here’s a quick run through of my favourite talks.

Todd Parker – jQuery Mobile Keynote

Todd Parker talked mostly about one of the hottest parts of jQuery from last year: jQuery Mobile, a framework built to put mobile devices first.

Todd talked merrily about building the framework on principles of progressive enhancement and responsive design. I think most people walked away from this talk excited about the stuff we’re able to do now and I’m looking forward to a project where we can have a play with it.

Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith – Web vs. Apps

A fascinating talk about the future of native mobile applications. As modern browsers get better and better developers can do pretty much anything they like, so will native applications eventually die out? Dion and Ben felt that they wouldn’t for quite a while but we’re starting to see hybrids of native applications and web applications (for example the Facebook application) where developers have more control over forcing users to upgrade and writing core components just once.

Haymo Meran

For a company that works with CMSs a lot it’s fascinating for us to see things we could leverage to make our users’ lives easier. This was a talk that did just that. Haymo talked about Aloha Editor, a WYSIWYG editor that has the potential to extend the TinyMCE. It works quite a lot like Sitecore page editor but looks even more advanced.

Paul Irish

Paul works on Google Chrome development. He was  a great speaker and his talk featured loads of geeky goodness, covering a whole range of recent technologies we should all be playing with, such as CoffeeScript, LESS and HAML – it’s way too much to cover here but you can get grab his slides here.

I had to run off for babysitting duties before the evening do kicked off but even missing some free drinks does not take away from what an interesting, inspiring and well-organised event this was. Many thanks to the organisers White October and I look forward to next year’s event.

Before joining Eduserv in 2010, Steve developed internet banking applications for the financial sector. He enjoys Eduserv’s relaxed work culture, interesting projects and the wide variety of technologies that the web development team uses. His recent projects include the JISC, NHS Direct and Victim Support websites. Outside work Steve can usually be found cycling, pottering down to the coast or just happily sitting around enjoying tea and biscuits.

About Steve Newstead

Steven's career started in the financial sector where he developed banking applications for parts of the Abbey and Co-operative banks. Since then he has worked in both full service digital agencies and web development software houses producing enterprise level Sitecore and Umbraco solutions, recent projects include the Guide Dogs for the Blind and Scottish Water. Outside of work you’ll find him wrestling his toddler daughter into her buggy, attempting to run half marathons or pottering down to the coast for some fresh sea air. He is also very happy to be able to sit and enjoy a nice cup of tea with a couple of chocolate Hobnobs.

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